The All Important Van

The all important van …  producing the foundations of this site it has obviously made me evaluation the key areas involved in this project and one thing that struck me is how the transportation of the ice cream has evolved over the years from its very humble beginnings.

It is must have presented Angelo Granelli huge dilemma when he had his idea to sell his ice cream to the public.  He firstly had to get over the problem of how to keep the ice cream cold enough to stay fresh but also to be able to transport it.  Initially the hand cart was sourced (presumably locally) through the firm of Stanways.  Angelo was then able to go to Waters Green in Macclesfield in order to provide the service of the selling ice cream off site to the public for the first time in Macclesfield.  Tubs were used and later in 1911 ice cream cones were also introduced as a way of selling their ice cream.

Between 1910-1920’s found the introduction of two horse and carts and so allowing the sale of their ice cream to get to Alderley Edge as well as Macclesfield.  The tricycle was adapted to be able to pull along a smaller wooden cart and later on, towards 1918-19, the business began to move towards the use of vans in particular what was referred to as the Dodge Van.  This progress allowed the business to get to a wider market and increase the success to a further degree.

By the end of the 40’s/50’s the Morris J-Type van was used this became a point of interest as the Morris was a rather well established make of car/van.  The Granelli van in particular was used at Morris rally’s and piece were often written in the local paper.  The family clearly took great care at maintaining everything piece of equipment used in the business and I understand that van was used long after other distributors had ceased.

By the end of the 1980’s early 1990’s the family moved over to using the Mercedes van.  Nowadays there are approximately 7 vans all housed at Newton Street and cover the whole of Macclesfield and beyond !

Ice Cream Van Memorabilia

Ice Cream Van Memorabilia


“This is the shot that says it all!  Twenty eight vans on a sunny August Sunday!  With Pete Bateman’s unerring sense of competition, all twenty eight can be seen – just – in this photograph.  It took some doing eh Pete!

The other shots on this spread are also views that caught the Bateman ‘photographer’s eye’.”

This is the text accompanying this newspaper article.

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