The History of Granelli’s


Angelo Granelli and his Auntie Angela and Uncle Fortunato opened up a sweet/confectionery shop at 33 Church Street (formally Churchwallgate).  This shop was the first in Macclesfield to supply the public with ice cream, it was Vanilla and to this day it is their most popular flavour. After about ten years Angelo took over the daily running of the shop.

Angelo ran a stall at the cattle market based at Park Green, Macclesfield.


In those days Angelo would move the ice cream around Macclesfield using a wooden horse drawn cart and eventually used two.



Incidentally, it took until 1911 to introduce ice cream cones to go alongside their ice cream. Initially they were imported from America, but later cones sourced from a local Manchester based company who also came over from Italy around the similar time to Angelo Granelli.  The association between the companies still continues to this day.


Another interesting fact, I think, is that in the 19th/early 20th century ice cream sellers were colloquially known as Hokey Pokey men.  This term was used in the UK and USA, however many of the Hokey Pokey men were of Italian descent and used a song with the words ‘Hokey Pokey’ in, while trying to attract prospective customers :)


1912 – 1920’s

In 1912 Angelo was succeeding in his business and opened new premises in Chestergate, Macclesfield.

The shop was a combination of confectionery and ice cream, much larger than his previous premises.  The stables provided space to store more horses which then enabled him to sell more ice cream.

DSC_4493 DSC_4494

The photos above were taken in the Granellis museum which is located on the grounds of their Macclesfield factory.  Much of the memorabilia has been saved/archived by Guido Devoti (Angelo’s son-in-law).

The tub, above right, was used to keep the ice cream cold, which allowed Granellis to sell ice cream to the public.


Angelo’s son and daughter, Edward and Madalena continued to use the horse and cart. Edward was located in Park Green, Macclesfield while Madalena sold in Alderley Edge.

Always very proud of their family, the family names are painted on the side of their ice cream carts.



In this year Madalena’s husband Guido took over from founder Angelo Granelli and began making their ice cream.


Guido (son-in-law) and Edward (son) joined forces and opened the Victory Milk Bar, which was located in Chestergate.  Two years later tubs were introduced into the production process and this allowed mass distribution and the ability to take home their produce.



Angelo’s son, Edward retired, formally leaving the production to Guido and Madalena, together they opened up 74 Newton Street, Macclesfield.  Now in 2013 Granelli’s proudly enter their 53rd year in these premises – a fantastic achievement.

Entrance to Granellis Ice Cream Parlour

The entrance to 74 Newton Street, Macclesfield

02 Gran yard panoram

Nestled in between local houses can be found the wonderful treasure that is Granelli’s Ice Cream.  It boasts an ice cream shop full of over 40 different flavours, Granellis factory  – all ice cream made on site, ice cream museum, picnic seating area and a good sized car park.