Documentary Photography – different interpretations

I’m looking into the variety of descriptions that can incorporate the genre of ‘Documentary Photography ‘.  Here are just a few examples that I think are thought provoking.

  • “Documentary Photography is taking photographs to provide a record of social and political situations with the aim of conveying information.”
  • “Documentary Photographs are observations of the world and its people. The photographers use their knowledge, skills and trained eye to see the hidden messages in our societies and captures the moments of time for all of us to see, now and in the future.”
  • “Documentary photography generally relates to longer term projects with a more complex story line.”
  • “Documentary photography has implied a practice in which the photographer examined a socially conscious concern of the time within an extended form. An extensive series of images as well as the use of text are utilized to provide an in-depth examination into a subject with the intention to suggest empathy and/or social change.”
  • “It’s a genre, which reveals occurrences and events, usually of the social character.”
  • “Documentary photographers walk in the wake of this instantaneous parade of visual information. They gather and create images that can look soft, speak loud, and transform the split second into an everlasting glimpse at the truth.”
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