Looking Back … over my shoulder

Coming to the end of this academic year, I’ve nearly finished my workbook so now I’m looking at which photos to use for my final 10.  The aim is to narrow our images down from the hundreds taken over the year to whittle it down to just 10, this shows to the moderator that we are able to critique our own work and hopefully the final 10 will also be enough to give the viewer a good taste of the work that has been done throughout the year.  I’ve got to show a documentary style through my images, in my mind they’ve got to tell a story too.

Think the fascinating thing for me has been exploring the past history of Granell’s, where the story began for them in 1890 and how it progressed to the success that is the modern Granell’s that we see today.  I’ve found it very interesting marrying up the various images to the actual ice cream tubs or hand carts that can be found today at the museum on site at  their Newton Street premises.

I’ve really enjoyed popping in to take images of the Devoti family at work both in the factory making the award winning ice cream as well as taking images of them at work ‘front of house’ in the ice cream parlour.


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